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SR GT 125

£3,550 £3,800
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SR GT 125

Versatility: Sportiness that extends beyond appearances

With rough, unique lines, sporty finishing details, high-quality materials, and Italian style, the SR GT's sporting personality is obvious at a glance. The wide naked handlebar is pure motorcycle, but the double-cradle steel frame and notable suspension adjustment generate a ground clearance of only 175 mm, makes it fast, agile, and unstoppable in the face of obstacles.


Dynamic personality: Every day is a new adventure.

With a 25-litre underseat storage that can store a full helmet, the SR GT's look invites action and pleasure, but it's also ideal for commuting. A USB connector is also included in the rear plate of the leg shield, as well as a sophisticated LCD dashboard. If you add the Aprilia MIA option, you can link your phone to the handlebar controls through Bluetooth.


Sporting ergonomics: Control and precision

Reduced overhangs and tight, energetic lines emphasise the small design's sporting essence. The 9-litre gasoline tank is located in the central tunnel, making room for an ergonomic footwell with an external section that resembles off-roader protection. This puts you in a more forward and "active" riding position, but it also allows you to move your feet forward if you wish to ride more relaxed.


Fun with a capital F

With nothing in its way, the Aprilia SR GT is more than capable of tackling metropolitan traffic. Long-stroke suspension lessens the impact of potholes in the city and ensures optimum comfort on longer journeys, while wave brake discs provide effective stopping in any condition. In a nutshell, this is a scooter that turns even the simplest journey into an exciting adventure.